The Stud Dog Project for Canaan Dogs


The ICDCA is a club that involves itself in creative projects to benefit the breed. One such plan, now underway, is the Stud Dog Project.

As a general rule of thumb, biologists recommend the establishment of a breeding population of no fewer than 500 individuals as distantly related as possible. We are currently very far from that in Canaan Dogs. A serious problem for many dog breeds is that the number of breeding males used is too small (the "popular stud syndrome"). In the interest of conserving the Canaan Dog gene pool, we want to make sure that as many healthy, show quality Canaan Dogs of reasonable temperament, are used for breeding as possible.

In order to further this goal the ICDCA is creating a list of available intact males. Owners intending to breed their bitch will be able to check this list, for a reminder of available males that otherwise might be overlooked and whose genes may not be preserved, and to obtain contact information for their owners. Listing of a dog will by no means constitute an endorsement by the ICDCA. Breeders interested in using a particular dog should contact the owner for details of health and pedigree, etc. The list will be updated annually. While our initial efforts are directed at dogs in the USA, we hope to extend the effort world-wide.

There are web sites that list Canaan Dogs with photos and pedigrees; what makes this project unique?

One unique aspect of the project is the attempt to create an exhaustive list of intact males. We need to list as many males whose owners would consider breeding them as possible.

Another aspect is that the stud dogs will be listed by location. Unfortunately, distance is an obstacle to many breeders and one consideration in stud selection is therefore accessibility.

Another unique and important feature is the inclusion of the approximate current number of intact offspring sired by each male. The rationale is as follows: Over-reliance on a small number of sires, no matter how superior, produces loss of genetic diversity. Dogs with no descendants, who complement the bitch being considered, are highly desirable. Each offspring carries 50% of a parent's genes. Therefore, at least 2 descendants that will be bred are needed to conserve the genes the parent was carrying. A minimum of 3 or 4 intact offspring would be preferable, due to unforeseen circumstances that could drop the number of breedable offspring below two.

Only a small amount of additional data will be presented for each dog in order to keep it simple. Links will connect to sites providing more data on each dog, when available. Owners of bitches will need to contact the stud owner for details of the dog's size, color, full pedigree, health evaluations, titles, stud fees, etc.

What information is needed?

Male Dog's registered name

Birth date

Approximate number of intact offspring

Sire's registered name

Dam's registered name


Country and state of residence

Owner's contact information (e-mail address, or phone number, and/or web site).

I'm interested, how do I sign up my stud dog!

First, if this is new to you, please read the links provided on stud dog ownership and breeding. You do not have to be an ICDCA member to participate (although why wouldn’t you want to belong to such a progressive organization?).

By submitting the information, on your dog, you are agreeing that you would consider using your intact male for breeding, although you are under no obligation to do so, and agree to have your contact information listed. Do not submit your information if you (1) do not have an intact healthy show quality male Canaan Dog, of reasonable temperament (2) would never consider breeding your dog, (3) do not ever want to be contacted. (We will contact you once a year, using the information you have provided, to ascertain that your dog is still alive and intact, whether you still wish him to be listed, and to update the number of his intact offspring.)

To list your male dog, please send the above-listed information needed to Lee Boyd

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