Buy Your Canaan Dog From A Reputable Breeder

One Who....

1. Is knowledgeable about canine genetics, nutrition, structure, and movement.

2. Does not mass produce puppies and is concerned with producing puppies conforming to the standard that was established by the country of origin.

3. Sees that all puppies and dogs receive inoculations and worming according to the dog's age, in consultation with a veterinarian, and gives the new owner the complete written health record of that puppy or adult dog.

4. Is concerned with the humane care and treatment of ALL dogs and takes individual care with the raising and socializing of puppies in clean surroundings with people and other animals. DON'T TAKE A PUPPY WHICH HAS BEEN REMOVED FROM ITS LITTERMATES OR SHIPPED UNDER EIGHT (8) WEEKS OF AGE.

5. Will instruct you on the feeding, training and grooming of your puppy or adult dog and will offer advice and assistance with the proper training after you receive your puppy.

6. Will help you select a puppy that will match your needs and with a temperament to best fit in with your lifestyle and family situation.

7. Will CLEARLY state (in writing if desired), to the buyer of a puppy or adult dog whether the dog is of a "show", "pet" or other type quality and will state in writing any guarantees concerning the purchase of the puppy.

A REPUTABLE BREEDER WILL NOT PRESSURE YOU but will encourage you to study, discuss and visit other breeders and kennels and will supply references from past puppy buyers on request.

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