Toro (left) and Belith (right)

Toro me Isfajah (left)           Belith of Bnei HaBitachon (right)

Whelped: 10 January 1965
Breeder: Druse, Mount Carmel
Sire: Emir (unregistered)
Dam: Naifa (unregistered)
Owner: Mrs. J.H. Berkowitz, CA, USA
Whelped: 7 June 1964
Breeder: Israel Institute for the Blind, Kiriat Chaim
Sire: Unregistered
Dam: Dugmona
Owner: Mrs. J. H. Bekowitz, CA, USA
These dogs were sent by Dr. Menzel in the first shipment of 4 imports to the USA.  Shown with them is Ursula (Mrs. Jack H.) Berkowitz.  Belith was described as shy and Toro as outgoing.