Tiron me Bnei HaBitachon (left)

Whelped: 6 March 1968
Breeder: Israel Institute for the Blind, Kiryat Chaim
Sire: Ron Mifratz Haifa
Dam: Dugmona
Owner: Connie Higgins, England

Saffra Shebaba (right)

Whelped: November 1964
Breeder: Wild-born, Damascus
Shebaba was imported to England in 1965 and later rescued by Mrs. Connie Higgins.  Connie sent data and photographs to Dr. Menzel who rated Shebaba at minimum as "Very Good".  Tiron was sent by Dr. Menzel to be Shebaba's mate.  The story of Shebaba and Tiron was told by Mrs. Higgins in 1997/98 issues of the Canaan Dog News, the newsletter of the Canaan Dog Club of the U.K.