Introducing the Israel Canaan Dog Club of America, Inc.

Bazak me Shaar Hagai, bred by Myrna Shiboleth, Israel
Reasons for the Formation of the ICDCA

The Israel Canaan Dog Club of America (ICDCA) was formed in 1994 by Canaan Dog enthusiasts who had seen the breed in its native land of Israel and who were concerned that Canaan Dogs in this country were becoming very different in conformation and temperament from those abroad. They felt that the creation of an Americanized version of the Canaan Dog would be detrimental to the breed's conservation. The goals of the ICDCA are to preserve the Canaan Dog as found in its homeland, and to protect the health and welfare of the breed.


Thanks to the rigors of natural selection, the Canaan Dog is a very healthy breed. Maintaining this health is of paramount importance to the ICDCA, and members will not sacrifice it for breed popularity or show ring wins. Our dogs must retain the survival traits which make them so intriguing and able to thrive in harsh environments. The ICDCA encourages the importation of new stock to broaden the US gene pool. The ICDCA maintains health records which provide a wealth of data on the breed. Members register their dogs with U.K.C. and are welcome to dual-register their dogs with other registries such as AKC.

All ICDCA members sign a Code of Ethics designed to protect the welfare of the breed. ICDCA breeders plan their litters carefully; quality puppies from a reputable breeder who stands behind what they sell are well worth the wait.

ICDCA breeders adhere to the United Kennel Club (UKC) standard, which is based on the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) standard. The FCI standard is the description of the breed developed by the country of origin (Israel) and is followed closely throughout the world, with the exception of the American Kennel Club (AKC) which adopted a divergent standard. The ICDCA has been named U.K.C.'s National Breed Club (provisional) for the Canaan Dog.

ICDCA Membership

Many members of the ICDCA Board have been to Israel to see Canaan Dogs in their native land. One of our members helped unload the first four imports to the USA when they arrived in 1965. We have members from 5 countries in addition to our American membership. The ICDCA is the only North American Canaan Dog Club to be endorsed by the Israel Spitz Dog Club (the breed's parent club in Israel) and by the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom. Friendly relations exist with breeders and owners living in Israel, Canada, Bermuda, England, Finland, Germany, and Italy, and many members belong to several clubs. We value our members, whether they be pet owners, breeders, or competitors, and encourage all to participate in the life of the Club and express their opinions freely.

Our Dogs Do Well

ICDCA-registered dogs do quite well in U.K.C., ARBA, CKC, and AKC competitions, even though the AKC standard has been changed away from the FCI standard. The first AKC Champion following full AKC recognition belongs to an ICDCA member.

ICDCA members participate in a variety of dog-related activities, which can be gauged by the following statistics of which we are quite proud. Club members' dogs include the only Canaan Dog thus far with a UD title (from both UKC and AKC!), the first three Canaan Dogs to obtain Agility titles, and the only three Canaan Dogs to date who have taken and passed the American Temperament Test Society's test.  Club members' dogs have achieved the following as of January 1, 1998:

Benefits of Joining the ICDCA

The Canaan Dog is a rare breed and can be a challenge to own. Even well-informed and expert professional dog trainers have little experience with the breed, and this is why the expertise of ICDCA members is so important. The ICDCA fills a void by creating a friendly network of supportive people interested in exchanging information on the breed and representing the breed honestly. We maintain an award-winning web site, and publish a monthly pamphlet and a quarterly newsletter which won the Dog Writer's Association of America's Maxwell Medallion as the best National Club Newsletter of 1997. Belonging to the Club keeps you up-to-date on breed specifics, such as training tips, health concerns, etc. We have a wide array of Canaan Dog merchandise that is unavailable elsewhere, including the only video and books about the breed. We hold a yearly Specialty to which all are invited. This is a time to socialize with other Canaan owners and their dogs, as well as participate in dog-related events, win trophies, and bid on great auction items. Everyone can participate on some level. We value the versatility of the breed and award Versatility Titles in addition to awards for achievement in individual sports. The Club provides a circle of people in addition to the breeder of your dog who can help you with the unfortunate circumstance of having to place or replace your dog. The Club also provides opportunities to volunteer in promoting the breed we love.

Our Mission

Members of the ICDCA are dedicated to promoting quality Canaan Dogs that would be recognized as such anywhere in the world; dogs who retain the health, intelligence, and agility bequeathed them through centuries of natural selection. We maintain good relationships with the world-wide community of Canaan Dog owners who share our ideals, and work together to benefit the breed. We pledge information, respect, and support to those who have a true interest in preserving this Israeli breed.

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