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"our hero!"

The International C'naan Dog Convention was held in Tel Aviv on Friday May 8, 1998, the day before the Israel Kennel Club Show.  Ze'ev Treinin judged the Specialty and our host was Eyal Kan, the Israeli Canaan Dog Breed Coordinator.

Just as in America, many Israeli owners value their Canaan Dog as a family member and watch dog.  When they also win first place, it's icing on the cake!

Myrna and Dvash

Dvash me Shaar Hagai was Best Puppy, shown by breeder Myrna Shiboleth, Shaar Hagai Kennel, Israel.

Venla and Isabella

Best of Breed both days was Ch. Velikaya's Nitsahon ("Venla" ) shown by breeder/owner Isabella Zirri, Velikaya's Kennels, Italy.  Venla was also Group 3 (Spitz & Primitive Breeds Group) at the IKC Show on Sunday!

BOS - SpecialtyBOS - IKC Show

        Best of Opposite Sex - Specialty                    Best of Opposite Sex - IKC Show
        Ch. Tzok Shavlul                                              Ch. Gur me Shaar Hagai

Bedouin Dog

Following the convention we visited Bedouin camps in the Negev near Dimona where this lovely male was found.  Some Bedouin keep black Canaan Dogs because they are easy to spot in the desert.

Bedouin Dog

Some Bedouin crop the ears of their Canaan Dogs because they believe it makes them better sentries.  The dogs must make do with any shade they can find.  They are truly desert survivors.

A fuller accounting appeared in Desert Tracks, the award-winning newsletter of the ICDCA.

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