1996 Trip to Israel

Israel Trip (October 1996)

How do you find Canaan Dogs in the wild? Start looking at the town dump, of course! Lee Boyd and Terry Bagley did just that, while in Israel for the Second International Canaan Dog Show in October 1996.
Avi Goldberg, the Israel Kennel Club's Breed Supervisor for the Canaan Dog, put on a not-to-be forgotten experience. First there was the International Show itself, chaired by Avi and attended by Canaan Dog fanciers from 4 nations. Judge Dr. Rita Treinin chose a lovely cream bitch as Best of Breed. 
Dr. Rita Treinin's pick for Best of Breed. 
Remains of over 400 dogs were found buried here at Ashkelon. 
The show was followed by trips to Jerusalem, Caesarea, Acre, Mount Carmel, the Dead Sea, and Masada. We also toured Ashkelon, which was once a Phoenician port and the site of a pariah dog cemetery dating from 500 B.C. On another day Avi took us to delve into Dr. Menzel's archives. 
The highlight was definitely the trip into the Negev Desert to look for wild and Bedouin Canaan Dogs. We saw plenty of each. Most dogs were in amazingly good condition given the harsh environment; obviously they thrive in it. Natural selection continues to keep the wild ones healthy and thrifty. All had good size and substance and were very square in proportion. Most of the dogs weren't show quality by any means, however we did see some that were extemely nice. One Bedouin camp had very nice dogs of both sexes. And we spotted an exceptional wild male who would be tough to beat in any show ring of the world. His flowing, ground-covering trot had to be seen to be believed, especially considering the rocky terrain he was traversing.  Bedouin-owned bitch
This nice Bedouin-owned bitch was guarding her litter of 5 puppies. Photo courtesy of Avi Goldberg. 
Terry Bagley and Zetan in the land of Zetan's birth. 
Look for more photos and a fuller accounting of the trip in Desert Tracks, the newsletter of the ICDCA. 

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