How To Pay For Dues, Merchandise, etc. Using PayPal:

This link will take you to the PayPal web site.

Before you go

    1. Print this page of instructions, or take notes on it.

    2. Have your order ready so that you know items and amounts.
        In case you don't already have the item information handy, here are courtesy links to take you back to the
        Dues page
        Merchandise pages

After you access the PayPal site   

    1. For recipient's email use

    2. As "subject" choose SERVICE (for dues or donations) or GOODS (for merchandise).
    3. As "note" enter details: e.g. dues, trophy donation, list of merchandise.

    4. In a later screen under "shipping information" enter your name and address.

Follow up with an email note to
Melvin Larsen for dues (if you are applying for a new membership, you will need to print the application form and mail it to Melvin).

Lee Boyd for merchandise (by postal service or e-mail you will need to send Lee the details of your order).
these links will cc: Victor Kaftal, ICDCA Treasurer, so that he'll know to expect your PayPal payment.

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