Keesha The natural qualities of the Canaan Dog are assets to domestic life. He is an affectionate, devoted companion who develops a strong but not overly dependent attachment to his owners including children. His territorial instincts, wariness of strangers and keen senses of smell and hearing coupled with his willingness to guard make him an excellent protector of home and family. He is very intelligent, learns easily and excels in obedience, agility, tracking and sentry work. He may also exhibit herding instinct. He enjoys outdoor activities and exercise, but is also content to curl up on the couch with his family. An extremely clean dog by nature, the Canaan requires minimal brushing (somewhat more when shedding the undercoat) to stay in perfect condition.
The Canaan Dog is a survivor because of his self-reliance and his adaptability. He is not a dog for everyone. His independence requires that his owner be loving but firmly in charge. His natural qualities work well for man but he needs to be socialized at an early age. If he is introduced as a puppy to people and other dogs, his tendency toward aloofness and his predisposition to dog aggression will be properly moderated. Although these traits are not exhibited by all Canaan Dogs, they are inherent in the breed as necessary requirements for survival in the wild.

This handsome, versatile dog appeals to those who have respect for a natural dog with an impeccable ability to survive and a loyalty given by choice.


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