Is a Canaan Dog the Right Dog for You?

No one should undertake the selection of a dog lightly, and to help those considering the breed, here is a list of positives and negatives about Canaan Dogs:

The pluses of Canaan Dogs are that they

  • are intelligent;
  • are versatile;
  • are agile and athletic;
  • have plenty of stamina yet require only moderate exercise;
  • are a very natural breed;
  • require little grooming;
  • are thrifty;
  • are healthy;
  • are long-lived;
  • are self-reliant yet affectionate;
  • are good with children when socialized with them;
  • are natural guardians without undue aggression;
  • are the dog of the Bible and Holy Land; the only Israeli breed;
  • are characters!

On the other hand, they

  • need an owner firmly in charge;
  • can be dog aggressive;
  • require extensive socialization to mitigate against their wariness of strangers;
  • are independent enough to require a fenced yard;
  • bark persistently when defending their property from real or imagined 'intruders';
  • shed;
  • oh and have we mentioned their digging?
Caught in the act

The breed is generally not an ideal choice for first-time dog owners.                                    

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