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ICDCA Canaan Dog for 
January, 1998

U-CDX Holit Beit Dada CDX 


Victor Kaftal 


Int. Isr. Ned. Ch. W.W. 1985-6-7-9, Bundessieger, Eurpasieger              Sirpad me Shaar Hagai


Tofaa me Shaar Hagai 


David Yashkuner 

Birth Date:

March 26, 1992 

U-CDX Holit Beit Dada CDX 

 Holit's bad luck is to have lived under the shadow of Gil.  Unavoidably, but unfairly to her, she has always been compared to him.  And yet, Holit has plenty of good traits of her own. 

Holit is sweet and affectionate.  She has a very steady temperament.  Without being aggressive, she stands her own ground.  She never freaks out and she is willing to adapt to every new circumstance.  OK, she doesn't enjoy obedience but she is willing to work for me.  And best of all, she never runs away.  I can take her with me in the fields and know that she will stay with me even if I don't watch her all the time... 

And now that Gil, her alpha companion, has disappeared and she has to take care of adolescent Tal, she has reflourished.  She has gained confidence, she has started to approach people to ask to be petted, her tail and ears are up more often - she has a new lease on life.  She has even learned most of the Utility exercises.  And one of her "pups" has started to win in the conformation ring.


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