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February, 1998

 Briel's Isabel P. Tiger Pooh


Alan & Sylvia Gersman


Gvir me Shaar Hagai


Briel's Hatikvah bat Ariel


Sandra Fournier & Ellen Minto

Birth Date:

November 8, 1992

Briel's Isabel P. Tiger Pooh 

Isabel has earned six Agility titles and one Obedience title since April 1997. She truly has the focus and determination needed for herding, obedience and agility.  The picture shown above was taken at a USDAA Trial where she earned her AD Title.  In addition, we have titles in NADAC where Isabel is running at the top level (ELITE).  A few weeks ago we went to our first AKC agility trial and took a blue ribbon (1st place) with a perfect score. 

Isabel was first introduced to agility at the 1994 ICDCA National Specialty.  It was amazing that all the Canaan Dogs were willing to do all the obstacles, especially the dogwalk.  This is not true of most other breeds.  We didn't get to do much again until April 1996 because Agility did not exist in the Northern Virginia area. 

Canaan Dogs are perfect for Agility; smart, quick, controlled, willing teammates and excellent athletes. The more I work with Isabel the more I respect the Canaan Dog. 

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