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March, 1998

 Cherrysh My Nobilis Áljan


Caren T. Curtiss


Bay Path's Amitz


Ch. Bay Path's Cherrysh My Delight, CGC


Jerry R. Hennings

Birth Date:

December 10, 1996

Cherrysh My Nobilis Aljan 

My name is "Dune".  I've gone to a lot of training classes, a few matches and some very noisy shows.  I have learned that the broad jump is bumpy if you land on it.  Mistress says my retrieving needs polish; I sure hope that doesn't make my dumbbell slippery. 

Mistress chuckles every time someone asks if I am a wolf - and then she talks and talks about Canaan Dog this and Canaan Dog that. 

My Mistress always wanted a desert dog. However, sometimes she forgets what desert dogs are like. She'll come running into the kennel yard thinking I've gotten out when I'm just lying in the wonderful hole I dug.  She says I'm like many desert dogs, hole diggers and perfect camouflage artists.  I guess my coat color does blend in well with the dirt.   Sometimes Mistress and I just sit and talk. O.K.  I sit.  She talks.  She says her heart is mending over "OREO" with me around.  Seems I've got big paws to fill.  I just look at her and sure enough she hugs me and says I'm special.  She says someday there will be two of us. The rest of the pack just doesn't enjoy a good dig and sing like I do.

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