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ICDCA Canaan Dog for 
April, 1998

 U-AGII Keely's Girl Tobie, CGC


Lee Boyd


U-UD Ch. Lahatut me Shaar Hagai, UD, CKC-CDX, TT


Ch. Geva's Karniela of Kansas, TT, CGC



Birth Date:

June 12, 1992

U-AGII Keely's Girl Tobie, CGC 

She might be a bit stand-offish until she gets to know you, but then look out!  Tobie is a total minx.  She's cute and she knows it, and puts this to use cadging treats.  With shining eyes and tail whirling like a helicopter blade, she'll "woo-woo" at you until she has your undivided attention.  She has an insatiable curiosity to go along with her insatiable appetite.  She's a natural athlete and intrepid on the agility course.  Her nickname is "Tobie the Teeter Totter Queen"  because she loves that dreaded obstacle.  Tobie is not without her mulish moments, but then she turns on the charm and all is forgiven.  My life would certainly be a lot more dull without her.
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