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May, 1998

 Maayan me Shaar Hagai 


Nancy J. Stitley & Ellen Minto


Ch. Shachmat me Shaar Hagai


Mikah Beit Kuti 


Havat Shaar Hagai 

Birth Date:

August 13, 1989

Maayan me Shaar Hagai 

Maayan became a part of my life when she was 5 years old.  This is the third home that she has known and therefore, her adjustment time stretched out to a year before she decided "this is the good life"!!! During the transitional stage I learned about patience that I never knew I had! 

She is a moody gal at times, yet has a great sense of humor with an accompanying smile.  Alertness is her middle name.  Everything has its place in our yard AND in the neighbor's.  Looking above our  6 ft, solid fencing, she noticed that one neighbor turned a child's swing set 45 degrees  and it was a week before she would accept it.  How dare they not ask first! 

Structure is an important facet in her life.  When in the house Maayan rests in her open crate or dog beds only.  At night she frequently sleeps on the bed with me.  A unique and sweet dog, whose love I earned, Maayan walks to her own tune, and I'm thankful to be able to share the song! 

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