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June, 1998

 Terramara's Edel Ezraela 


Terry Bagley


Arad of Shaar Hagai


Terramara's Bithia 



Birth Date:

February 16, 1986

Terramara's Edel Ezraela 

Ezraela was born at Terramara Kennels in Canada.  She is a white bitch with dark orange markings.  Ezraela is a well traveled Canaan Dog especially considering her owner lives four hours from the nearest airport.  Ezraela went Reserve at the World Show in Germany in June 1991.   She obtained her Champion title in Argentina in June 1993.  She was also shown numerous times in the USA and always came home with Majors.  And in Canada?  Ezraela won Best of Breed every time she was shown. 

At European dog shows, it is customary for the judges to provide written evaluations of the dogs.  At the World Show in Germany, the judge wrote "Excellent type, feminine bitch, very nice size, excellent eyes, excellent pigmentation, excellent muscle, good length of neck, excellent coat, excellent front, good top line and tail set, sound rear, sound mover, would like a bit more ring presence.  A well balanced bitch." 

Ezraela had a litter of three puppies in 1988.  One puppy, Gilana, went to Bob and Donna Drabik who also have Ezraela's brother Eden.  The second puppy, Gurain, went to Barbara Boller-Browning in California.  The last puppy, Gabriel, lives in Canada with us. 

One ad described Ezraela as the Gal of the 90's, a title that certainly was well earned. 

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