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ICDCA Canaan Dog for 
July, 1998

 Hila me Shaar Hagai, CGC


David & Christine Franklin
Hamilton, Bermuda


Isr. Ch. Lehitraot me Shaar Hagai


Ktifa me Shaar Hagai


Havat Shaar Hagai (Myrna Shiboleth)

Birth Date:

November 27, 1991

Hila me Shaar Hagai 

In the months Hila has been in Bermuda, we have come to love and appreciate her. She is a thoroughly natural Canaan - for instance: While enjoying her outings to a local park, I have observed her chasing a water rat (I assume for a meal); catching and eating a fish in a tidal pool; protecting her "pack-mate" (our Cocker/Spitz cross) from a dog attack and "stalking" lone walkers from a distance.

She has a sweet disposition and loves to be groomed and petted. During the day she is a couch potato, coming out at night to aggressively protect her territory, especially from wandering dogs, real or imagined. 

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