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ICDCA Canaan Dog for 
August, 1998

 Lucas of Four Gables


David & Christine Franklin
Hamilton, Bermuda


Anacan Cause to Celebrate


Hila me Shaar Hagai



Birth Date:

4 April 1997

Lucas of Four Gables 

I like to call this photo "Poetry in Motion" or should I say, "Luke in Motion".  This is a young dog who is on the go most of the time.  He doesn't have much time for love and affection as he has places to go and cats, birds and other moving objects to see. 

We have learned, through much practice, not to leave anything valuable at his level, as he delights in grabbing up a child's toy, article of clothing or magazine, to mention a few, and bolting out of the door with them at full speed.  His intent? That we chase him and a game is on.  We now know what he is up to and have taught him to return inside with the object - then we take it away from him. 

We cannot help but love him though, this rascal, but he has a well-earned nickname, "Dennis the Menace". 

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