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ICDCA Canaan Dog for 
September, 1998

Kineret me Shaar Hagai 


Inna Blayvas
Jerusalem, Israel


Ch. Lehitraot me Shaar Hagai


Yael me Shaar Hagai


Myrna Shiboleth

Birth Date:

26 February 1997

Kineret me Shaar Hagai 

Kira is my first Canaan Dog and I took her because I've read a lot about this breed and wanted to check myself if it was true that Canaan Dogs are so smart. And it is so! I used to have other dogs (Airedale, Boxer and mixed) but Kira is different. She is so smart you can't work on her the 
same way more than once (if I need to give her the worming treatment each time I must do it another way). It's so easy to train her as the only thing you must do is to explain her what do you want! But after a while she gets bored doing the same and during the obedience competition she decides to do something else. Owning Canaan Dog differs from owning any other breed but it's so exciting !
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