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ICDCA Canaan Dog for 
October, 1998

Cherrysh Hahvehree Yosef (Joey)


Carol Hayes-Gegner and Jack Gegner
Maryland, USA


Bay Path's Amitz


Cherrysh My Delight (Naomi)


Cheryl and Jerry Hennings 

Birth Date:

10 December 1996

Cherrysh Hahvehree Yosef 

Joey is a magical, mystical puppy.  He is amazingly fast and agile as he stalks and chases rabbits, squirrels, and birds from the yard.  He also likes to play hide and seek.  But he takes it a step beyond--Joey sees himself as Yosef, crack intelligence agent.  He will lurk behind doors, under tables, beds, and "his" tree, listening and watching.  He must inspect anything new in the neighborhood; especially cars from out of state which he circles sniffing.  (Do Canaans read license plates?) A sandal left by your foot will silently disappear.  A kleenex or other treasure is expertly extracted from your pocket.  He strides about the yard, head up, chest out, as if to say, "I'm in charge here, watch out".  But at night when Jack says, "Its time to go to bed." Joey rolls over on his back and smiles waiting for his scratches and he's just our sweet puppy. 
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