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ICDCA Canaan Dog for 
November, 1998

Cherrysh Cassiopeia


Wendy Zeldner & David Moorman & Lilah 
Washington, USA


Spring Lad


Briel s Hatikvah Bat Ariel


Cheryl and Jerry Hennings 

Birth Date:

26 April 1997

Cherrysh Cassiopeia 

Cassie was the perfect addition to our family of three humans, two dogs, four cats and four horses.  Cassie adopted all of us with great affection and devotion (although sometimes she shows it to the cats by chasing them!). 

Cassie was the quickest learner in her puppy obedience class, but also the most timid.  We have had to work on that; she is very bold at home.  We ve shown her once at Seattle Kennel Club all breed AKC show where she was the only Canaan Dog.  We hope to do more showing in the future as well as agility. 

The work she is most happy doing is running with our springer spaniel, chasing bunnies, birds, and butterflies and playing with her humans.  We have five fenced acres and Cassie explores constantly.  For a desert dog, she fits in perfectly in the Pacific Northwest.  She LOVES the mud, pond and rain.  Sometimes she loves the mud so much she shares it with us!  She also finds digging much easier in her yard when it has just rained for several days.  We are always amazed at how clean she looks when she dries. 

We love having her in our family and hope to get another Canaan Dog.

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