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ICDCA Canaan Dog for 
January, 1999

U-CD Kochav Ole me Shaar Hagai 


Victor Kaftal 


Ch. Shavit me Shaar Hagai 


Kesem me Shaar Hagai


Myrna Shiboleth 

Birth Date:

1 September 1996

U-CD Kochav Ole me Shaar Hagai 

As a young pup Tal got so sick that he had to stay a week in the hospital. And shortly after he came back to his kennel, he had to be shipped across the Atlantic to his new home. As a result of the trauma, he reverted to wild animal behavior. He wouldn't leave his crate if observed; he cautiously trotted from hiding place to hiding place. 

Now he still is a bit spooky, very concerned about his surroundings, very affectionate with one half of the family (me) and still overawed by the other half (Eli). And yet not scared at all of other dogs, loud noises, agility, corrections, etc. 

"Aunt Holit" is taking good care of the youngster and he is improving. Tall, nicely built, very agile and fast, at home he looks really nice with his tail curled over the back when he chases squirrels or barks at the deer. 

He likes to work and learns fast. When he matures, he will be a really good dog (I hope). 


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