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ICDCA Canaan Dog for 
February, 1999

FarSight Nathan 


Carrie & Ken Cabrera


Shvatim Confidence 


Pleasant Hill Onyx


Joan Capaiu

Birth Date:

10 September 1997

Farsight Nathan 

We got Nathan in August of 1998. He was quite under-socialized when we got him, so we've been kept busy exposing him to everything and everyone. He and his sister (Maccabee) get along famously. She helps us tremendously by showing him that not all walking, talking humans are out to get him. 

Nathan has been able  to harass the sheep 3 times so far. The 1st time he had help on the inside - Maccabee. The 2nd time he had help on the outside - Maccabee going crazy on the outside of the pen. The last time he was on his own! While he didn't show a great deal of concentrated interest in the sheep, he also wasn't scared. He kind of loped around the pen with his tail up (a good sign!). 

Nathan is our water dog. He loves to play in shallow water and seems to like swimming occasionally too. I'm going to take him to the same class for conformation training as I took Maccabee. I'm hoping that he will get to the point where I can show him. I think he will do quite well - he just seems to have a presence about him that I think will come out well in the ring. I'm also  looking for an obedience class - even though he knows the basics, he needs the socialization of the class setting. 

Nathan has a sweeter temperament than his sister, and a good deal of patience to put up with her pestering him! Together they are quite the Canaan Dog Dynamic Duo


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