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ICDCA Canaan Dog for 
March, 1999

Far Sight Maccabee bat Onyx HC CGC 


Carrie & Ken Cabrera


Shvatim Confidence 


Pleasant Hill Onyx


Joan Capaiu

Birth Date:

10 September 1997


We got Ms. Maccabee almost a year ago when she was almost 1O weeks old. She immediately wrapped us both around her little paw!  She is extremely smart, but with a definite independent streak.  At puppy class she lived for 'recess'.  And since then we've decided her entire life is recess!  She is extremely outgoing; wanting to play with all other canines, and wanting to dispense puppy kisses to all humans she encounters.  As she was one of the 2 out of 5 puppies in her litter that showed herding instinct, we found a place where she can 'harass' the sheep.  We haven't started any formal herding training with her just yet - Joe Kapelos, our instructor, is just keeping her interest peaked at this point.  We started showing her in AKC and International shows in May of 1997.  Even though we never had any competition, we had a good time at the shows - and have become known as the 'Canaan Dog people' on our circuit.  It seems amazing now, but before getting Ms. Maccabee, neither my husband nor myself had ever done any herding (although we had been spectators at the Meeker CO trials for a couple of years in a row) nor even been to a dog show.  So we are learning just as much as Maccabee is in these new venues!  I had intended to pursue Agility with Ms. Maccabee, but my work schedule has so far prevented it.  I sure hope she takes to it - she definitely has the speed and agility to do very well at it.  Just depends on how well she'll work off leash for me! 

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