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ICDCA Canaan Dog for 
April, 1999

Amos of Four Gables 


Daniel Archer


Anacan Cause to Celebrate


Hila me Shaar Hagai


Christine Franklin

Birth Date:

4 April, 1997

Amos of Four Gables
Amos - One of the largest in a litter of 8 who will be two years old April 99,  quietly Alpha - the strong silent type. He is a beautiful deep red, 24 inches  at the shoulder, with gorgeous eyes and smile to match. We suspect he favors his grandmother's side of the family, who hail from the Jordan area.  He is great  with people but can be dog aggressive.  He was shown as a puppy but found it very boring ... but, take him to the beach and climb rocks and it's another story. He lives with his litter brother, Zechariah, and the two "own" the area they live in.  He has a wonderful steady temperament, making him a strong and courageous companion for Daniel, his young owner. 

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