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ICDCA Canaan Dog for 
July, 1999

Ch. Geva's Karniela of Kansas, TT, CGC


Lee Boyd and Lorraine Stephens


Padre's Dovev me Geva


Terramara's Dahlia of Geva


Lorraine Stephens

Birth Date:

28 July, 1988

Keely - "Where's Mickey?"

Keely is one of the sweetest Canaan Dogs that ever lived and I am indebted to Lorraine Stephens for placing Keely with me. Keely finished her championship and won an extra major out of AKC's Miscellaneous Class. She loved obedience training but didn't like public performance, so after her offspring were born she was semi-retired while I concentrated on her pups. But Keely needed a job to do, and it finally occurred to me that what she likes best in all the world is to smooze with people. So every Tuesday afternoon the two of us visit our friends at the Midland Adult Day Care Program where we perform pet-assisted therapy as part of the Delta Society's Pet Partners program. Keely is happy to be working again and she excels at what she does. Bringing her out of retirement has helped both her and her new friends stay young a bit longer. 

(Keely has an additional claim to fame, as the spots on her back form the image of a very famous mouse.)


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