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ICDCA Canaan Dog for 
August, 1999

AKC/UKC/ICDCA Ch. Bay Path's Amitz, CGC


Jerry and Cheryl Hennings and Sandra Fournier


U-UD ICDCA/CDCA Ch. Lahatut me Shaar Hagai, UD, CKC-CDX, TT 


U-CDX Holit Beit Dada, CDX


Sandra Fournier

Birth Date:

11 August 1993

Amitz came to live with us when he was three and has matured into a wonderful dog. He has a typical temperament which is playful, affectionate and confident at home and with his family, yet stand-offish and cautious with strangers.  People always ask if they can pet him and he will allow strangers to pet him but he always looks like he's saying, "I'm not going to invite you, but you can touch me if you must." 

He is wonderful with puppies - playing and teaching them confidence.  He tolerates all of their jumping and antics until they get to be about eight months old.  He then decides it's time they learn to respect his position. 

His show career includes two time ICDCA National Specialty Best of Breeds, multiple Best Of Breeds, UKC Best In Show and Reserve Best In Show and AKC Top Ten rankings for three years.  We are looking forward to many more great things from our boy.  


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