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ICDCA Canaan Dog for 
September, 1999

Bay Path's Jersey Girl Tasha, CGC, TDI


Michael & Kathy Bogner


Gvir me Shaar Hagai 


Briel's Hatikvah bat Ariel


Sandra Fournier

Birth Date:

11 October 1994

Though Tasha was not on this earth very long, she made a lot of people happy during her brief stay.  Tasha was not a dog that was destined for the show or obedience ring.  Her conformation was pleasant, but not spectacular.  Her lack of confidence in strange places hampered her career in the obedience ring.  But where Tasha truly shined was her temperament.  It was her loving nature that made her a favorite in both the Nursing Home and Children's Hospital she visited as part of her pet therapy duties.  She was tolerant of hands that poked, prodded and pulled on her ears.  She nimbly dodged walkers and wheelchairs of people who wanted to see her closer.  She always had a 'doggie smile' and a tail wag for everyone.  Yes, perhaps she was a bit too outgoing for a Canaan Dog, but that's OK.  She found her niche in life and we wouldn't have had her any other way.  We will always miss her. 

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