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ICDCA Canaan Dog for 
December 1999

 CHF (Cedar Hollow Farm) Israeli Jewel


Sheryl Glass


Ch. Bay Path's Amitz


Bay Path's Caramello 


Sheryl Glass

Birth Date:

25 September 1998

I wanted a red Canaan Dog from the first time I saw one. When Mello had her first litter of puppies, there was a red and white pup, a cream pup, a tan and white pup, and a black pup. Even at birth, the black pup was excellent structurally, and I decided on the spot that it would become the newest edition to our "pack". 

As the days passed, much to my surprise, her coat color changed -- and eventually became the beautiful red that it is today.

Hannah is one of the most outgoing dogs that I have. She is an intense and happy girl, and an excellent watch dog. Even though I'm short of time these days, and can't take her out to visit as many places as I'd like, she has never been shy. She meets every new situation and new person with confidence -- including a full tail-wag for most of them! Hannah is truly one of our most treasured "Jewels".

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