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January, 2000

Cherrysh My Empress Josefine


Robin and Susan Huggins


Bay Path's Trapper ben Gvir


Hila me Shaar Hagai


Jerry Hennings and Ellen Minto 

Birth Date:

19 October 1995 

We got Josie because Napoleon (our Miniature Pinscher) was very sick due to numerous medical problems.  As a result, we did some research on the various breeds with the help of our vet.  Our vet believes Napoleon is a puppy mill dog so we wanted to be careful with our next dog.  So we ended up with a Canaan Dog. 

Josie was purchased to be a pet for us and our soon to be born baby (Hailey). She has been a great addition to the family.  Josie has 2 acres to protect at our home in the mountains of northwest New Jersey.  She keeps all of the deer, bears and other wildlife out of her  territory.  She is very protective of our family and even Napoleon has perked up and now acts like a puppy again. Josie even enjoys getting her face and ears cleaned by our two cats Brutus and Caesar.  She will nudge them while they are lounging around the house to try and get them to pay attention to her.  She is smart, a little mischievous and a very loving dog. 

We could not ask for a better companion.  Because of our experience with Josie we plan to get another Canaan as a pal for Josie. 


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