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February, 2000

The Lion of Judah At Anacan


Richard and Ellen Minto


Sivan me Shaar Hagai


Minto's Libyan Jewel


Richard Minto 

Birth Date:

19 December 1993 

When 'Digger' entered the world his breeder, Richard Minto, never dreamt that he would ever be shown, as Digger's dam was wild-born and Richard was not a 'show person'.  But when Ellen entered their lives she
recognized 'Digger's' quality and set about getting him registered and into the show ring. 'Digger's' show career didn't begin in earnest until May '95 after registration by The Kennel Club.  He was the Pedigree Top Canaan Dog in the UK for 1996, '97 and '98, BOS at Crufts in '96 and '97 and Crufts BOB in 1999.  'Digger' has gained many friends and admirers for the breed along the way through his soundness and handsome looks.  'Digger' is now the UK's breed record holder for number of dogs defeated in the show ring. But more importantly, as are all the Canaan Dogs of Anacan, 'Digger' is a very much-loved member of the family.

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