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ICDCA Canaan Dog for 
March, 2000

Cherrysh My Red Ryder


Katryna Bogovich


ICDCA/AKC/UKC Ch. Bay Path's Amitz, CGC


Briel's Hatikvah bat Ariel, CGC


Jerry R. Hennings

Birth Date:

9 August 1998

Ryder was a black puppy when she was born and has been losing that color and turning red/sable ever since. She now has even less black on her than can be seen in this photo taken last June in  Asheville. She was approximately 10 months old then. Ryder loves to parade around in front of Niki, the other resident CD, with a trophy of some sort to incite him into chasing her all over the backyard. The only thing more fun than running and playing 
with Niki is jumping lengthwise over him as he is  trotting toward "mom." Ryder is not quite sure why we have to go to dog shows when she could be rolling over on her back and getting as dirty as  possible or digging up the backyard with Niki.

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