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ICDCA Canaan Dog for 
April, 2000

Pleasant Hill Tovah


Catherine and Craig Oskow


Ch. Pleasant Hill Jordan


Pleasant Hill Daya


Donna Dodson

Birth Date:

25 March 1997

Tovah is a sweet and loving Canaan dog. She makes a good ambassador for the breed, because she loves children and is comfortable meeting new people.  She marched in a Minnesota parade celebrating Israel's 50th anniversary. She currently has 9 points toward her AKC Championship, including a Major.  Tovah was the only puppy in her litter, so she received much loving care from her mother. Because of her size at birth, breeder Donna Dodson 
affectionately referred to her as "Pound Puppy." "Tovah" is the feminine version of the Hebrew word "good." Tovah's Canaan dog buddy in our household is named Mazel, Hebrew for "luck." So together, they're "Good 
Luck," and our kennel name is Mazel Tov Canaan Dogs.  I am a writer, and I always say Tovah is the perfect dog for a writer. Two spots on her right side form an exclamation mark, a spot over her right shoulder looks like a big period, and her tail forms a question mark!

Tovah, Mazel and I started dog-sledding this winter. Canaan dogs are nothing if not adaptable! I harness the dogs to a kid's sled. They pull one of my children, and I run along. It's great exercise for Tovah, Mazel, and me, and the kids love it! They even insisted on riding to their piano lesson that way!

We recently bred Tovah to Hadar Ha'aretz Northern Snow--"Jake," owned by Genny Landis, near Toronto. He is another dog with a lovely temperament, and is litter brother to Kramer, the October 1999 ICDCA Dog of the Month.  His sire is Ch. Shvatim Confidence (Dylan) and his dam is Ha'aretz Gimel Wafi (Abby). If all goes well, Tovah's first litter will be born in early June.


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