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ICDCA Canaan Dog for 
July 2000

Hadar Ha'Aretz Mr. Spock RivRoc


Christina Miller


Ch. Shvatim Confidence, CGC


Ha'Aretz Gimel Wafi


Christie Collins, Bryna Comsky, Jerry Collins

Birth Date:

12 December 1997

"Spock" is my first Canaan Dog and what an introduction to living with the breed he has made. He continues to be the most humorous of my Canaan Dogs.  One of his favorite past times is "Corgi hurdles", where he loves to pester the Corgis by leaping over them and then taking off to be herded by them.  "Spock's" gentle and loving temperament, although typically stubborn at times, was what sparked my interest to become more heavily involved in the breed. Were it not for "Spock", I wouldn't be currently owned by 3 Canaan Dogs.

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