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ICDCA Canaan Dog for 
August 2000

Velikayas Lady Cocca



Katryna Bogovich

Barry B. Wheeler


Velikayas Mitsav-Ruah


Velikayas Hava


Isabella Zirri

Birth Date:

15 March 1998

One day in 1998 Sheryl Glass left a message asking if I was interested in getting a cream Canaan Dog from Isabella Zirri's kennel. One of the bitches had a b-d of March 15. I immediately knew an ITALIAN CD born on the Ides of March was meant for me! Barry Wheeler, a friend of mine, keeps Fakie for me because of restrictions on dogs per household in Columbia. She is a beautiful strawberry blonde (we say "cream kind of but with red highlights") with a wide range of conversational gambits. The name "Fakie" refers to my and Barry's interest in things snowboarding. We were hoping the name would fit the natural CD aptitude for agility and Fakie has proven true to her name at home. I hope Barry will take an active role with her in the agility ring at some point. We have had fun with her registration papers, and poor Isabella has been extremely patient with us. Fakie finally had her first outing in the show ring in Asheville, NC during the CDCA National Specialty and the June 17-18 dog shows.  She received her blue ribbon each day in the Novice Class. Then on June 19th she passed her first herding instinct test and the vet gave her that look that so many people tend to give her and said, "I could take her for you and train her to be a real working dog ... yes, I think I could train her to be a real working dog ..." He invited us back for the big NC herding trials next Memorial
Day (!), but I know he was really inviting Fakie...

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