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ICDCA Canaan Dog for 
October 2000

CHF's Bedouin Black


Caren T. Curtiss


Tashbetz me Shaar Hagai (Isr. import)


Kesem me Shaar Hagai (Isr. import)


Myrna Shiboleth & Sheryl Glass

Birth Date:

25 December 1998

"Sadie" is living up to her name: a true princess in the house.  She has endeared herself to all who come to know her.  She is sound in body and temperament; a sentinel in our home and kennel.  Her faces, snuffling and many invitations to play have endeared her to all of us here, including the other kennel mates.  She has put a shot of youth back into us and our old Airedale.  Even the reserved "Dune" will lose himself in play with her.  Sadie can play princess all she wants.

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