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ICDCA Canaan Dog for the
First Quarter 2001

Cedar Hollow Farms Oma


Donna Drabik


Shavit me Shaar Hagai


Dvash me Shaar Hagai


Sheryl Glass and Myrna Shiboleth

Birth Date:

16 May 1999

The "Great Smokey Lady" became a member of our "pack" last April. She was 10 1/2 months old then and a huge ball of fur with two beautiful black eyes gazing at her new surroundings. She bounded out of her crate and into our hearts and has never stopped making us smile since.

Oma is poetry in motion. We've never seen a dog actually kick up her heels but this gal pulls her tail right over her back , throws out her back legs and kicks them out to the side! This is especially so when we hit the beach. A desert dog this? hmmm - we wonder as we watch her race the waves and stand perfectly still while the undertow pulls the sand from beneath her paws.

Oma is a quiet gal and everyone admires her beauty but she'll have nothing to do with "them", only her family! Hunting rats and squirrels, chasing cats, patrolling her property, walking and playing, Oma awakens each day with a bounce and a look that says let's go and do it all over again!


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