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ICDCA Canaan Dog for the
Second Quarter 2001

Cherrysh Semper Fi Ty


Heidi Rosin


Ch. Bay Path's Amitz


Briel's Hatikvah bat Ariel


Jerry Hennings

Birth Date:

9 August 1998

Ty is quite the addition to my family of a boyfriend, 2 cats, and three rats. Much of the time he is a mellow boy, content to lay on the floor (or sneak off to my bed in the evening!) while I watch TV or read, but he's always ready for a belly rub or a game of "find it." He is a total ham and knows it. I have spent a lot of time laughing since Ty came to live with us. Ty also gives me a great sense of security because he is the best doorbell I have ever had. I never have to worry about someone approaching the house without my knowledge...his woo-woo-woo sounds the alarm! Even though I adopted Ty at the age of two and a half, we seem to be bonding wonderfully. My favorite part of the day is coming home from work and having him greet me at the door with his back end going a mile a minute and giving me "welcome home" kisses!

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