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ICDCA Canaan Dog for the
Fourth Quarter 2001

Riverview's Kayla


Genny Landis


Multi Ch. Bay Path's Amitz


Fanfare's Tattered Patches


Christy Campbell

Birth Date:

19 April 2000

from L to R: Holit, Amitz, and Kayla
Kayla is my second Canaan Dog - I also own Jake, soon-to-be 4 years old.

In Puppy Class Level 1, Kayla spent most of the sessions hiding under a chair, refusing to interact with any of the puppies. She is now happiest at the off-leash park, running around the field, into the forested area, swimming in the pond, chasing other dogs - but always keeping Jake in sight. She is very protective of her friend...one recent week-end, there were two big boxers in the park. Jake really wanted to play with one of them, which didn't sit too well with his brother. Some snarling and serious growling ensued, with Jake in between the two boxers. Kayla, not too happy with this turn of events, tried to get in between the three dogs to set the rules - "no rough play boys" she barked!

Kayla was shown at the ICDCA Specialty this year, where she won Reserve Best Female in two of three U.K.C. shows entered that week-end. She also got a chance to meet her dad and her grandmother! (See above; that's Kayla and Genny on the right, her father Amitz in the center, and grandmother Holit on the left)


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