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ICDCA Canaan Dog for the
First Quarter 2003

Cherrysh Adam Logan


Beth Logan


Ch. Bay Path's Amitz


Bay Path's Caramello


Cheryl Hennings

Birth Date:

30 November 1999

Most people can say that their dog greets them at the door with tail wagging. Adam respectfully stays away from the door,  giving me space to enter. Then he usually does a "play bow" and wags his tail making all my stress vanish.

I am adventurous and he goes along with me -- hiking over rocky terrain, taking agility class, learning to climb a ladder, camping out, skijoring, etc. He is also social -- stopping people with his good looks, luring them in with his tricks and obedience, and approaching all people that talk to him.

Some would say he is not perfect because he doesn't always obey. But I know this is his intelligence and independence. He knows that he has a choice to share his affections with me or not. And that makes his love all the more special.


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