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ICDCA Canaan Dog for the
Second Quarter 2003

CHF Haley Shual Midbar (Haley Desert Fox)


Russ and Dawn Beers


CHF Issac My Beloved


Kesem me Shaar Hagai


Sheryl Glass and Jack Rowe

Birth Date:

5 March 2001

Our Haley has been with us two wonderful years.  She is always a joy.  Haley is predominantly a couch potato when indoors and always eager to investigate her "territory" outside.  She has virtually all the usual Canaan habits - noise sensitive (paper bags and storm drains are her arch enemies) and alert to any intruders in our yard.  She always lets us know when dogs, cats, squirrels, fox, deer and other critters invade her space.  She's full of kisses when we arrive home and loves all people, in general.  She's a bit more selective when it comes to the neighborhood dogs.  She's best buddies with a handful of them, and while we encourage her to make new friends, we are realistic (won't happen every time). Haley is helpful when disciplining our mischievious cat, Starvin Marvin, getting a few good barks in to let Marv know he's done something wrong.  The two get along well now, after a few months of supervised interaction, and sealed by a 4 hour car trip together.  We can't imagine a much better companion.

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