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ICDCA Canaan Dog for the
Third Quarter 2003

Isabeau Cana me Shaar Hagai


Bruce Bauman & Pamela Templeton


Bayoud Bedoui me Tel Arad


Timnath Sara


Myrna Shiboleth

Birth Date:

22 November 2001

Isabeau & Jedai have brought a great deal of Joy, Laughter & challenges to Bruce Bauman & Pamela Templeton of S.W. Florida. Isabeau was imported from Israel while Jedai was bred in Iowa. They live in neighboring towns with their respective owners. They adore each other both taking turns racing after each other & playing roughouse every chance they get. The dogs are quite different, Isabeau is not welcoming of strangers while Jedai is quite eager to meet & greet most anyone on his terms. Both are great watchdogs & fiercely protective of their turf.

Isabeau is very feminine, she loves to smile and chew on her favorite hoof or bone holding it cleverly between her paws. Her fur is luxurious & so soft. She has a springy walk & her amazing tail curls perfectly most all of the time. She loves to bounce & pounce on the grass looking for mole crickets. She loves to tease by kicking pawing or bowing low & swirling her tail. Her high pitched bark deepens to a very throaty rumble when she is in her play mode. Isabeau has very pale cream markings on her muzzle, ears & body. When she digs in the yard Bruce has to worry about his foundation. Honestly if left alone we think she might eventually hit water or China.