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ICDCA Canaan Dog for the
Fourth Quarter 2003

Cherrysh My Jedai Knight


Pamela Templeton


Ch. Cherrysh Semper Fi Ty


Ch. Pleasant Hill Anastasia


Cheryl Hennings

Birth Date:

5 January 2002

Pamela and Jedai
Jedai is quite eager to meet and greet most anyone on his terms. Jedai is quite a "hunk" and very masculine. At 65 lbs he is quite a solid muscular dog. Our vet thinks he is one of the most well-built dogs she has ever seen. His forceful bark when alarmed gives everyone a pause for thought. Jedai loves to speak using a howling and/or growling type voice reminiscent of "Chewbacca" especially at the end of his vocalizations. Jedai is very affectionate and leans into you when he needs more attention. He has very expressive eyes and face, perhaps because of his markings it looks as if he has eyebrows. When I am working on my laptop and he has had enough I find his large head resting on my hand making his moaning noises so I can't type anymore. He is gentle enough to play nicely with Laia the Maine Coon, or his new Chihuahua friend, though we try and keep an eye out because his big paws can clobber the little ones by accident.

Both Isabeau and Jedai are BARF fed, although Jedai eats way more veggies than Isabeau. We supplement them with Anitra's Vitamin Mineral Mix, Halo Pet & Eagle Pack Holistic Gold Kibble.

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