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ICDCA Canaan Dog for the
First Quarter 2004

Ch. Pleasant Hill Mazel, CDCA HC, ICDCA VC


Catherine & Craig Oskow


Arayl's Eitan Ben Jordan


Pleasant Hill Onyx


Donna Dodson

Birth Date:

25 October 1998

Mazel is my red and white champion, with expressive ears and liquid brown eyes that look they are surrounded by eyeliner. He is graceful like a deer, and people often comment upon his beauty. He shows well in Junior Showmanship with my daughter. 

Mazel is the one of my Canaan Dogs who follows me around the house and gazes into my eyes. He is intuitive when someone is sad, and will stay close, cuddle, or offer a paw or a nuzzle. He is the one we trust to be loose unsupervised with a visiting toddler, because he is delicate in his motions, and would not accidentally knock over the toddler or lick too enthusiastically. Once a visiting three-year-old led him around the house by the collar for about an hour, and he kept his patience. 

But Mazel is also the most fierce of the watchdogs in the house, the quickest to bark the alarm and the last to accept that danger has passed. When we let people into the house, Tovah and Nafti quickly accept them and want to be petted. Mazel takes longer to be sure he trusts them. Once he realizes he knows them--or they are children--he is fine. Otherwise he needs a few minutes--and they have to move away from the door so he knows they are truly accepted into the house by his humans. 

Mazel is the only male Canaan Dog in our house, and he likes it that way. He is fine at dog shows, but if he sees strange dogs when we are out for a walk, he barks a lot and is very suspicious of them--unless he finds out they are girls! 

Mazel loves to chase a ball and bring it back--unless Nafti is going after the ball, too. Then it becomes a keep-away game between them. All three dogs will chase around the main floor in running games, and Mazel nimbly banks off the couch in the living room--even though he's not officially allowed to be on the couch. 

Mazel is always enthusiastic for a hike, and he does not object to pulling children on a sled with Tovah. He has herded sheep twice, to pass legs for his Herding Certificate. The first time he was young and a little tentative, but the second time he had a good old time.

 Don't tell Mazel that a Canaan Dog is not a lap dog. He can curl up on my husband Craig's lap or mine. He generally wants to sleep on our bed, but he has to take turns with each of the children, too, because everybody wants him. Although strangers or strange dogs would never guess it, he's a love!
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