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ICDCA Canaan Dog for the
Third Quarter 2004

Farsight's Gemma


Helen Day


Pleasant Hill Puck


Terramara's Joelle


Joan Capaiu & Liana Marr

Birth Date:

5 July 1998

Gemma is my second Canaan Dog, and as with the first, I think she's wonderful!   I'd love to say a million things about her, so I've decide to go with the point form version to keep it to 150 words or less!

Gemma's temperament:  Friendly, but with typical Canaan wariness.

Health:  Occasional pancreatitis flare-up, otherwise excellent.

Favourite activities: Bounding through fresh snow and long prairie grass.
                                  Swimming in stagnant water.
                                  Climbing the A-Frame in Agility.
                                  Shredding newspaper when I'm late coming home.
                                  Intimidating the cats when they are eating.

Favourite meal:  Cat food.

Favourite guard position:  Sitting atop the cat stand in the living room window, barking at any trespassing dogs, cats & squirrels.

Favourite toy: Too many stuffed toys to mention.

Favourite family members:  The two older cats that have trained her since day one.

Biggest dislikes:  Dog shows, and nail trimming (hardwood floors)!

Hopefully someday soon, I will be able to get another Canaan to keep Gemma company!
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