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ICDCA Canaan Dog for the
Fourth Quarter 2004

 CH Ha'Aretz Tz L'Chaim Dariel


Audrey Biemann


Velikayas Bokertov


CH Ha'Aretz Pa'Amonit


Bryna Comsky

Birth Date:

11 December 2000

Won an invitation to Crufts:  December 11, 2002   (Dari's second birthday).  Dari won her championship in two weekend shows 3 weeks apart with four 4 point majors at 16 months of age in Georgia 2002.  Dari is in basic obedience classes now and will be going for Canine Good Citizens  after this class.  The trainer insists on this class first and then will put her in the CGC test.   Dari will be spayed soon.  My vet talked with Dr. Robert Van Hutchison in Ohio and we decided that was the safest thing to do for her because we can not get the information on what she was given at 12 months of age and she was sick for 3 months.  The other thing would be to do a surgical insemination.  My vet never did one and it would be too much for me to go to Ohio and have a dog there to use.  Bryna offered but it will be too much for me to drive that far.  May be very expensive I don't want to take a chance so the decision is to spay and just enjoy her.  I would like some puppies but I have learned we don't always get what we want and I do enjoy her.  She is a great house dog and very funny.  Great company too.  See, never know when to shut up.  Live alone and only have Dari to talk to but we converse a lot. 
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