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ICDCA Canaan Dog for the
First Quarter 2005

 B'sorah Tovah me Shaar Hagai


Karen and John Luksich


Bayud Bedoui me Tel Arad


Velikaya's Shuvi HaBayta


Myrna Shiboleth

Birth Date:

3 December 2001


Tova's name literally means Good News from The Source. She has been a most unusual dog. As a 3-month-old puppy, just off the plane from Israel, she ran up to the television to stand at attention and listen as Hebrew was spoken. Since then, she has been very attentive to whatever is on the tube. She always protects us from the evil TV dogs, even when we don't even notice them; a low growl is emitted by our protector as she warily makes sure they don't intrude into our space. Once, I was watching a training tape from our obedience instructor, which told how to break your dog of a bad habit. Tova was especially attentive when they showed how to break your dog of stealing food. Up to that point, she had never stolen food. Five minutes later she went into the kitchen and helped herself to a piece of raw fish, looking very pleased with herself, she wasn't about to take my admonishment seriously. I could barely contain my laughter. She has never done it since.

We jokingly call her Miss Manners. She has made it her mission to discipline our cat. If the cat jumps on the counter, table or bed, she makes sure the cat knows this is not permitted.

Tova is well socialized; she attends my volunteer sessions at the Desert Demonstration Gardens here in Las Vegas, a truly appropriate dog for life in the desert. She is especially gentle with small children and socializes well at the dog park. But no one is allowed on her turf without fair warning. We love everything about her, she is one of our 4 legged kids, and sometimes we like her even better than our two legged kids.

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