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ICDCA Canaan Dog for the
Second Quarter 2005

 AKC/UKC Ch Cherrysh Mi Corazon Miracle, CDCA HC


Alla Geretz and Cheryl Hennings


U-CD AKC/UKC Ch Kochav Ole Me Shaar Hagai, CD


AKC Ch Cherrysh Asherah


Marcos Nunez and Teresa Zimmerman

Birth Date:

27 March 2002

        Mira and son Velvl
Mira and her son Velvl

Mira has been our dog of firsts: first Champion (AKC and UKC), first herding certified dog, first top ten dog (AKC and UKC), mother of our first Canaan litter, and the list goes on.

Mira is a wonderful dog to live with. She is a real couch potato with a sweet and gentle personality. Mira is six months older than our youngest daughter, Sofie. When Sofie was a newborn, Mira decided that the baby was hers to protect and has been Sofie's sidekick ever since.

At dog shows, Mira knows when to turn on the charm. She is frequently seen lounging ringside until it's time to go in the ring, at which point you can almost see the light go on. It's as if she's conserving energy until it's time...in true Canaan style.

Mira has accomplished everything we have asked of her and more. We are grateful to Cheryl Hennings for sharing this wonderful miracle with us.

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