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ICDCA Canaan Dog for the
Third Quarter 2005

 UKC Ch. HaHar Grand Entrance Anna


Cheryl and Keith Shank


Velikayas Eitanhahar


Cherrysh My Red Ryder


Katryna Bogovich

Birth Date:

31 December 2003


HaHar Grand Entrance Anna made her Grand Entrance a few hours after her brothers were born. She wanted to be sure she was the focus of attention.

We didn't think the timing was right for us to get our second Canaan but we couldn't get thoughts of her out of our minds. Finally, after great deliberation and realization that it was fate (we had received a sculpture called Grand Entrance as a gift) we drove to Nashville, TN to pick her up.

We were worried our Jake would not accept another dog in the house and we had never had two dogs at a time. Well the rest is history - he took one look at her and it was puppy love. The fact that she showed him from the git go who was boss helped too. Toys Jake had for two years she took and shredded - she was always saying to him Gimmie that - Gimmie everything ! She plays submissive when he has a treat and cuddles up to him under his muzzle until she is sure she can grab and run. He doesn't argue !

We had a privacy fence put in so she couldn't tell the neighbors that everything she saw was hers or they were on her property. It worked well at first - then she figured out that if she went up on top of our deck she could see them - bark her orders to Jake and then run down to the yard barking all the way. Luckily for us and our neighbors - when she gets ground level whatever it was she needed to bark at seems to disappear behind the fence.

She received a Group Four placement in June and is still saying "Gimmie" more ! Thank you Katryna for letting her come to our home.

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