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ICDCA Canaan Dog for the
Fourth Quarter 2005

 Cherrysh Fire and Ice


Beci Turner


Multi CH. Barak me Shaar Hagai


Ch. Cherrysh My Charming Delilah


Jerry Hennings

Birth Date:

9 July 2002

         Turbo at left

Turbo is the kind of dog any owner is proud to have. He is sweet, lovable, easy going, and a ham for attention. He is very intelligent and learned to untangle his leash from scrub weeds or around tree trunks without any coaching. He picks up new commands or tricks after one demonstration of desired behavior. He loves women, both the two and four legged variety and is confident they want to flirt with him. Turbo believes that his sole responsibility to his pack is keeping all 'evildoers' from his territory. There can NEVER be a squirrel, rabbit or bird eating seeds at the bird feeders. These 'evildoers' are chased off his turf pronto. Adults and children are also considered 'evildoers' when they approach the fence line too closely. He guards his territory with a tenacious determination that is sure to scare any 'evildoers' away. He continues his speech to any potential neighborhood 'evildoer' within hearing range by 'talking', a sound between a howl and singing, despite the target's distance several blocks away. Turbo creates an interesting and entertaining life for himself and his owners. He is amusing and fun to have around.  
(That's Turbo in the foreground and Glory in the background of the photo)

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